Professionally Glamorous

Hairstylist Melissa Huth works out of a unique salon: J Salon Studios & Spa. When you walk through the front door, instead of being met with the traditional row of stations, you’ll find private studios—each run by its own stylist.

Melissa Huth is one of those stylists, and specializes in Brazilian blowouts and Simplicity hair extensions. Between her continued education to stay up on the latest trends and technology and her schedule filled with client bookings, Melissa stays busy.

When asked how she’s able to manage it all, she started from the beginning.

Melissa’s story in her own words

Why I became a hair stylist

I started my career in the corporate world, always professionally dressed and bound by deadlines. Then I had two beautiful girls. Between proms, trims, experimenting with different styles and creating updos for dances, my girls’ hair needs were getting a bit expensive.

That’s when I decided to attend beauty school so I could learn how to do it all myself. I ended up loving it so much that I made it my career.

Why I started looking for software

Having come from the corporate world, being organized was an absolute must. As a stylist I needed something that allowed me to book appointments, view my schedule, take clients’ payments and run reports—all in one place.

Before MINDBODY, I was using a different software provider. It required multiple logins that took me to so many different screens… I often felt lost and overwhelmed.

How I heard about MINDBODY

I first heard about MINDBODY from a coworker. She showed me how it helps her do things like keep track of her schedule, book appointments and manage her revenue.

Frustrated with what I was currently using, I decided to start researching salon software online and quickly found MINDBODY. I also checked with other stylists and discovered that they, too, were using MINDBODY salon software. After getting several referrals and reading numerous positive reviews, I decided it was the right choice for me.

One of my MINDBODY favorites

The MINDBODY Express app was a game-changer for me. The fact that I can take payments, book appointments, view my schedule and even review some of my sales reports right from my phone saves me from having to sit down and log in to a computer.

It also means I don’t have to carry my appointment book everywhere I go because, unlike my phone, I don’t always remember to bring it with me. Now that it’s all on my phone, I always have my schedule on hand.

As a stylist, I’m constantly on the go and MINDBODY Express allows me to keep moving. I’m so excited to have found you guys!