Twitter Chat with Jonathan Antin

On Monday June 9, the MINDBODY Salon Team held a twitter chat with Jonathan Antin of Jonathan & George Salon.. Many fans, stylists, and salon owners chimed in with great questions using the hashtag #lovemysalon. Here are some highlights:

Question: How do you make sure your staff is getting along?
Answer: I say “you don’t have to love each other but you BETTER like each other” You better say “hello” and “good morning” to people.

Question: What do you think the most important thing is for a successful salon?
Answer: Make sure their work is 150% absolute perfection 150% of the time & that they all get along & work peacefully together

Question: how often should I wash my hair?
Answer: Depends on your hair. If it’s greasy, every day is fine -but use really good products. I usually recommend every other day. You don't have to spend $30-$40 on products. There are really good products on the market that are $8/$9/$10

Question: Does the ombre hair color works for any type of hair and length?
Answer: Absolutely if you have a great colorist doing it! It's a manufactured version of what the sun naturally does to hair.

What a fun twitter chat for all involved. We hope to do it again soon! Be sure to follow MINDBODY on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
The next time you’re in Beverly Hills, give yourself the ultimate luxury with a visit to Jonathan & George Salon.

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