The Power of a Free Service

Jon Reyman Speaking at BOLD

I like to make it as easy as possible for new clients to experience our services. People want toknow before they go.They want to test drive the car and to sample the flavor before committing.

That's why I am a major proponent of giving the people what they want. At Spoke & Weal, my team is required to provide as many complimentary services each month as possible in an effort to get new clients in our doors.

Here's why: I am so confident in our services and the client experience we provide that I know if we can get them in the door and in our chair once, a certain percentage of them will become customers for life.

There's also a psychological component to it. When someone gives you something of value for free, you tend to appreciate it more and might even feel a sense of loyalty towards them.

To be clear, I believe in service comps, not discounts. A comp is not devaluing the service. It’s saying, "Here, experience it and if you like it, come back." A discount makes it seem like your service isn't worth the price.

When I have someone in my chair for a complimentary service, not only do they come back and pay next time, I ask them to tell their friends, family, and coworkers who also end up being clients. We try to make it as easy as possible for people to experience us. Simply get some cards made up outlining the offer and ask your clients to give them to their friends and family.

I would rather be doing a free service than no service. When I do the comp service, the client usually purchases products and tips well. I'd prefer to stay busy doing my craft than sitting in the back room complaining about why I'm not busy.

If you're looking to bring new clients into your doors, give this technique a shot. It's what has allowed us to successfully open five salons in less than four years and see 50% growth year to year at each of our locations.

It's simple to execute. The conversation you have with the client in your chair is that you love them as a client and would like to also service their friends, coworkers and family. You hand them a client referral card with the complimentary service offer for new customers or offer a code for your salon management software and ask them to share it with their friends and family. If they get five of their friends and family to come in for the free service offer, they will also receive a complimentary service for the referrals.

We review the numbers at our monthly team meetings and there's a direct correlation between the stylists doing comp services and the stylists earning the most for themselves and the salon.

The return you'll get on a free service from a lifetime client is well worth the upfront investment. Check out our first MasterMind Webinar where we cover this topic in detail, or if you're a SalonProRx member you can learn more by viewing the "Recruit New Guests" module found in "Professional Business Strategies."

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