Putting the Blush on the Blushing Bride

A bride is always grateful to the stylist to does her wedding makeup, so I sat down with the amazing Emily Aznavourian, owner of Cheekadee Makeup Artists in Philadelphia and my bridal makeup artist, to find out more about her business.

I have been doing makeup professionally for 26 years. Cheekadee has been in business for 6 years.

What’s the best part of your day?

The best part of my day is walking back from the bus stop with my daughter; when she tells me about her school day. She is in kindergarten, so it can be quite amusing!  Finding that work/home life balance is hard, so I try to make time to enjoy the little things like this because she won't be this age for long. 

How long have you been using MINDBODY?

We have been using MINDBODY for almost two years now.

What’s the most meaningful feature about MINDBODY as a business owner?

I would say that the most meaningful feature is the ability to check our availability at the drop of a hat either online or on our cell phones.

What three things do you suggest a new business in the salon industry have when they start?

An online scheduling system such as MINDBODY, flexibility, and a reliable staff—you’re nothing without them. Make sure you set aside at least one day off per week to not think about work.

What’s your favorite, can’t-live-without product?

I am going to cheat here. My favorite product would have to be my brushes because it is impossible to be a great makeup artist without a great set of brushes. If you take care of them, most will last you a lifetime.

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