Mèche-ing with MINDBODY

Every so often we like to check in with our clients and ask them how we’ve been doing. We want to know what we’ve been doing right, as well as what we can improve on.

Last week, we caught up with one of our clients: the popular full-service salon, Mèche (meaning “highlight” in French). The Beverly Hills salon, founded by Tracey Cunningham and Neil Weisberg, boasts celebrity clientele and quite a following on Instagram. Yet the vibe remains light and casual, fun and friendly. And despite a bustling day, salon manager Minya Alisa took some time out to chat with us about what MINDBODY does for Mèche and how our software has evolved along with them.

Hi there! Can you describe a typical day using MINDBODY?
I come in, I log in, and I pull up the schedule. We use MINDBODY to book appointments, to keep track of employee time clocks and employee records, for pricing, and for checking people out. All of the stylists here use MINDBODY to look at their schedules every day on their phones. Without it, we couldn’t work as efficiently or as fast as we do. Our salon wouldn’t be able to run without MINDBODY.

So a lot of staff members use the MINDBODY Express app on their phones?
Yeah, they check their schedules daily, and they can also check all of their clients’ purchase histories from their phones. This way, they don’t have to bother us up front, which is really nice.

What feature in the software has helped you save the most time?
The Rebook a Past Visit feature has been great. In the past when someone would call in to book and tell us, “Oh, well I don’t know what I did last time,” we would have to go back and look through their profile to see their visits—and now we have that information right in front of us. We just click on Blow Dry or Haircut, and it automatically books it for us. We’ve definitely saved a lot of time, so I’m loving this new feature. It’s amazing. It also makes it more accurate for us, because we know how to make sure we book the correct appointment. We’re able to book better. We get the appointments right.

Can you tell me about an experience you’ve had giving feedback to MINDBODY?
Checking in our clients for multiple appointments was something that we were having trouble with. In the past, we would check a client in, and we wouldn’t be able to check in all their other appointments at the same time, even though they were here. But now we have the Mark Arrived/Mark Confirmed feature for multiple appointments, which is so helpful. And it’s definitely something we asked for. They were able to alter it to our needs, so that was really awesome. I feel like MINDBODY really listens.

What would you tell other salons about MINDBODY?
A lot of other salons call us and ask, “Can you tell us what software you use?” And I tell them about MINDBODY, that I love it, that you guys are awesome. Whenever we have a problem, it always gets answered, fixed. And it’s easy. All of our staff can get on the app and look at their schedules, which makes it easier on the front desk. I would definitely recommend MINDBODY to any salon looking to use a new software system.

We’re so glad to hear that. Finally, can you tell us what comes to mind when you think of MINDBODY?
I think of how convenient it is, and that I’m so happy we use the software—because it makes my job a lot easier. I guess I would say I’m happy when I think about MINDBODY.