Lorie Hansen Studio: The Beauty of Being Your Own Boss

After many years in a larger salon setting, Lorie Hansen decided to open up a studio of her own in Seattle, Washington, to have more control over her clients’ salon experience.

“Owning and operating my own space meant I could ensure a relaxing and comfortable ambience with the privacy to bond deeper with my loyal customers.”

Almost two years later, Lorie Hansen Studio has become Lorie’s little sanctuary.

“I have been a busy hairdresser long enough to deeply appreciate the Zen of a mature environment.”

How does Lorie maintain this attitude in her salon? She thanks MINDBODY for its part in that. She appreciates how MINDBODY manages data on her large clientele while also providing one-stop shopping for merchant processing and product inventory.

“I was impressed by the sophistication of the system and knew that its many options would be there for me as I grew. MINDBODY feels like a trusted friend in the world of sole proprietorship.”

Inspired by feeling blessed to do what she loves in peace, Lorie sets her standards high and accommodates clients to her heart’s content.

“That’s the beauty of being your own boss.”

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