Jonathan Antin: The Secret to Amazing Staff Meetings

Because of its massive success, Jonathan Antin gets a lot of questions about how he runs JONATHAN& GEORGE SALON. We sat down with Jonathan to discuss one of the most important components (and often the most overlooked) of running a successful salon: staff meetings. Jonathan discusses how often staff meetings should occur, where to have them, what to have at them and what to talk about. How do you get your staff to pay attention during the meeting? First and foremost, I try to deal with the personal issues before the meeting so they don’t come up. Unleash those skeletons and get out the secrets, the rumors so you have a problem free environment. Anyone goofing off during a staff meeting should be asked nicely to leave. That being said, there should only be 100% attendance and attention by the owner and the stylists. Where’s the best place to hold staff meetings? I like to provide great food and drink in a breakfast type setting. In the business world when meeting with someone, you take them to a restaurant and have a nice meal. I use the same exact principle at JONATHAN & GEORGE SALON. Part of getting everyone to be attentive is to create an environment that incentivizes people to listen and to pay attention. I treat my staff meetings as if I were taking a venture capitalist to lunch. If you step it up, your employees will step it up, and when everyone is fed and hydrated they can pay attention and participate like the professionals they are. How long should meetings be? Your meetings should be no longer than one hour, no shorter than 30 minutes. How do you prep for your staff meetings? Prior to a staff meeting I pull up any and all staff reports in MINDBODY. I study them, go through them and bring them with me to show physical examples of what I’m saying because I want everyone to be in the know. In staff meetings, owners talk about the salon sales more than the individual stylists’ sales, which in fact are one in the same but to a stylist they don’t feel the same. I like to reverse that and address the individual sales first and then salon sales so that they know I am most interested in increasing their income first! Thank you, Jonathan! Join us next Monday at 10 AM PT on a Twitter feed near you. Click here to follow Jonathan on Twitter so you don’t miss out! Be sure to follow MINDBODY on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The next time you’re in Beverly Hills, give yourself the ultimate luxury with a visit to JONATHAN & GEORGE SALON. Jonathan Antin is a paid endorser of MINDBODY.