Your Brand On Your Clients' Mobile Devices

Getting your business in front of your customers is a key to marketing success and with new updates to Engage by MINDBODY, it’s never been easier to get your brand on your clients’ mobile devices.

Engage Universal Login

Users now have access to a universal login—allowing your customers to use their existing information to log into Engage by MINDBODY apps.

This process works by syncing the local account for each customer from your business with your customers’ universal MINDBODY account—giving your customers a seamless experience.

Touch ID

You—and your customers—can now use the Touch ID authentications to log into your account, if the feature is available on your iOS device.

When your customers initially log into the mobile app, a notification will appear to enable the Touch ID. Read more about how to use this option here.


The Engage mobile app now allows reviews! Your clients can view, modify and add reviews based on their past attendance. As soon as a service ends, users who have opted-in to receive notifications will receive a request to leave a review.

Plus, all reviews will show on the MINDBODY app, as well as your Engage app.

Push Notifications

With Engage, you can send out notifications to your customers directly to their phone.

Promotional Images

Add promotional images and keep your customers up to speed with everything your business is doing. You can promote specials or studio events and share social media sites at the click of a button.

Integration with FitMetrix

Your Engage app integrates with the Fitmetrix Book a Bike feature. If you are a Fitmetrix client, your customers can choose their seat in classes.

Your brand can be mobile

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