Spend More Time With Your Clients, Not Your Desk

The time you spend with your clients right before class is priceless. We want you to be able to make the most of this time, and with Class Check-in by MINDBODY, you can focus on what you really want to do—catch up with your clients and cultivate your relationships with them. As a free app, Class Check-in lets your clients sign in to class on an iPad with just the tap of a finger. Your clients not only benefit from more of your attention, but also from less wait time. They get into class quicker, you have ample time to chat, and everybody’s relaxed and ready to begin.

Steph Young, owner and manager at Spark Yoga and spouse of a MINDBODY employee, has been using Class Check-in at her studio, and it’s made a big difference in the sign-in process. We sat down with Steph to chat about what the app does for her business.

First of all, how did your studio do sign-in before the Class Check-in app?
We used a piece of paper and students would write their names down. Then we graduated to a laminated sheet with dry-erase markers. Either way, it was really frustrating for my desk staff because we couldn’t read the handwriting, students wouldn’t put down their last names, and we’d always have to double-check. It just wasn’t efficient.

How is sign-in different with Class Check-in?
The app is awesome. Students are able to see their names on the screen, sign in super quickly, and add themselves if they’re not already in the class. It streamlines our sign-in process.

So the app really changed your clients’ experience?
Yeah, it seriously takes them three seconds to sign in and put their stuff down, and then they’re in the room. We’re a hot yoga studio, and if it’s a cold day, it’s nice for students to get into the space and warm up the body fully even before we warm up in class. Students can be present before class starts, which is really important.

Some might worry that using the app at the front desk takes away from the personal aspect of signing people in. Was this the case?
That was our concern at first—that we wouldn’t be able to greet them—but we still do! The instructor is behind the desk and they’re still involved with greeting the students. And actually, signing in each student before took time away from instructors being able to be intimate with their students. Now with the app, they can spend more time getting to know what the class wants to do that day, or learn about the students, their injuries, all of those things. There’s a lot more connection.

Was the app difficult to set up?
Not even a little bit! It was so quick and easy. I don’t have a lot of patience with technology, and I don’t always have the time to call for help. But this was simple.

What would you tell other studios thinking about using Class Check-in?
I would tell them that it makes sign-in run so much smoother, and that it’s been really good for our business. I’d tell them that it’s not only helped out our staff, but it’s also a really great thing for your students to see that your studio is innovative and willing embrace change. My students were so excited about it. They made the transition with us from our outdated sign-in process to the check-in app, and they were like, “Finally, you’re not working in ancient times anymore! Thank you so much.”