Seamless Scheduling in MINDBODY Express: New Ways to Help You See Your Business

Always on-the-go but still want to keep your business by your side? If you haven’t already, you’ll want to check out MINDBODY Express™, the mobile counterpart to your software. We’ve made some recent updates to the Schedule feature in the app, which make viewing, assessing and managing your schedule even easier.

New Schedule Views
You can now see your whole day—or week—on one screen, or you can still view your schedule as a list. Switch between views by clicking the schedule icon at the top and then selecting Day, Week or List.


Here’s a quick run-down of the three different views:

  • Day

This view displays your whole day—any classes, enrollments and booked appointments—as well as your staff members’ availability (open time blocks) and unavailability (lunch breaks, vacations). If you’re logged in as an owner, you’ll see each staff member’s schedule underneath their profile photo (or under their initials if they don’t have a photo uploaded). What your staff members see on the schedule depends on their staff permissions. In Day view, they’ll see their own schedule by default. Class capacities are listed and displayed visually in the turquoise bars to the left of each class. To jump to a different day, just select a date from the calendar above.

  • Week

This view displays the entire week of classes, enrollments and booked appointments—as well as availability and unavailability—for one selected staff member. To jump to a different week, just swipe left or right, or use the calendar drop-down menu to navigate to another week or month.

  • List

This view displays your day’s classes, enrollments, booked appointments and staff unavailability—all in chronological order. Class capacities display in the turquoise circle icons. To jump to a different day, just swipe left or right, or select a date from the calendar above.

New Schedule Capability

We’ve also made the schedule easier to interact with; now you can tap directly on the schedule to book an appointment! Just tap on an open time block—if you’re in day or week view—and you can book an appointment for an existing or new client in just a few steps. You can also add staff availability or unavailability this way, by simply tapping on the schedule where you want to add it.

We know that visualizing your business—on both an overview and detailed level—is a vital part of making sure things run smoothly. With the new schedule, MINDBODY Express allows you to see your business just the way you want to.

To learn more about scheduling and other features in MINDBODY Express, visit our Help Suite.

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