New Look for Rooms and Resources

We’ve made the process of managing rooms and resources a lot simpler (and prettier).

By setting up rooms and resources, you can:

  • Add rooms to your scheduled classes to let your customers and staff know where they need to be.
  • Link resources to appointments to make sure you have the right equipment available for specialized services, like a massage table or hot stones.
  • Use room requirements to make sure  each of your appointments has an assigned space when it’s booked.
  • Set up resources to be booked or rented (e.g., equipment, event space).

To check it out, head to your Rooms and Resources page (click Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Rooms and Resources). On the “Manage Rooms” page, use the button in the top right to add rooms, and then define which services the room can be used for. Later, you can manage the settings from the tidy confines of each room’s expandable block. Click to drag each block to change the order your rooms will appear in your Room Schedule.

Use the Room Requirements for Appointments page to define which appointments cannot be booked unless a room is available and assigned to them. You can also deactivate and delete rooms from this page, and select which rooms will show up on the room schedule PDF.

Get started by clicking +Add a Room.

Name and specify locations and services for each room.

Click to expand and edit each room’s settings.

Drag and drop the order of your rooms

Set room requirements for specific appointment types. This way, an appointment cannot be booked unless an available room is assigned to it.