More Client Info in Your Hands

The MINDBODY Express® app has a redesigned Client Profile that brings the most important information about your clients from the core software to the app. You can view and manage your client info from Express, which means more functionality and flexibility, and less back and forth between your mobile device and desktop.

The More You Know

On the Profile tab, you’ll find everything you need to get in touch with your clients. Tap the new buttons to call, text or email the client, or tap Buy to jump to the Retail screen. There are also colorful icons under the client’s name that quickly indicate their account balance and most recent membership. Scroll down and you’ll find a ton of additional info, including client ID, relationships and notification method. There’s also a section for billing info, where you can add or update payment cards on the fly.

It’s All in the Account Details

The frequently-used Account Details page in your software is now available in the app! Tap the Account tab to view any unpaid visits (you can reconcile them from here, too), and a list of the client’s passes. You’ll see the number remaining and expiration date, and you can reactivate passes that have expired. This screen also displays the client’s three most recent purchases; just tap on them to pull up the sale information. From here you can view the receipt (including the signature), and email it to your client, saving time and paper.

What’s On the Books?

Now there’s a Schedule tab on the Client Profile that lists your client’s upcoming visits. This way, you can remind your client of the next time they’ll be in, and see if they want to make any changes. The Schedule screen also displays the client’s visit history, so you can check to see which staff member they worked with before. Knowing your clients’ schedules can help you provide a better, more personal experience—and that’s great for building your client relationships.

Check out the new Client Profile in MINDBODY Express, available now for iOS or Android.

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