Coming Soon: Updates to MINDBODY Express

People in gym using MINDBODY business app

The MINDBODY Express app is getting a new name and some fresh features that will make it even easier to run your business on the fly, and we thought you’d appreciate a sneak peek. Starting June 21, Express will be known as the MINDBODY business app. This essential tool helps wellness business owners and their staff accomplish a range of everyday tasks, from any device, no matter where they are. Alongside all the scheduling, point of sale, client info and reporting capabilities the app already provides, we’re adding some state-of-the-art features that enhance the retail experience for you and your customers. It’s the same app that thousands of wellness business owners currently use—it’s just getting a whole lot better.

For example, we heard from many of you that selling contracts through the app the same way you do through MINDBODY software would make running your business even more efficient. Whether you’re a yoga studio, wellness center or gym, getting clients on a monthly membership is one of the best ways to keep your business healthy. With the updated MINDBODY business app, you’ll not only be able to sell contracts from your phone, iPad or tablet, you’ll also be able to store and send them to your clients electronically.

We’ve also beefed up the cart feature in the app, allowing you to edit pricing, add discounts, bundle services and more. And with the addition of new payment options—including third-party payments and guest comps, as well as the ability to split payment methods—checking out using the app is more seamless than ever. Plus, you’ll have more flexibility in reconciling multiple unpaid balances. You can check out your customers for multiple classes and appointments on the same day of service, and view previous unpaid visits if you need to.

All these new features come wrapped in a more user-friendly design that makes it easier for you and your staff to navigate to the features you use every day. If you’re a current app user, keep an eye out for the new features coming soon. If you don’t currently use the app, you can download it free and start taking advantage of the agility and power of a mobile front desk, right in the palm of your hand.