Coming Soon: Refund Client Purchases from the Business App

Woman using the MINDBODY business app

Do you use the MINDBODY business app? Great news! We’re adding the ability for you to refund a client’s purchase right from the MINDBODY business app.

You can initiate the refund sale process for one of your existing clients from the customer’s Client Profile Account Tab—just tap on the Purchase Sale ID and open the Sales Detail screen or locate the sales transaction from the Sales Report within the business app. Refunds for any walk-in client sales can only be refunded from the Sales Report as walk-in clients do not have a client profile. Plus, we’ve also made improvements to the Sales Report that make finding a sales transaction easier than ever before.

Here are some of the refund scenarios you will be able to handle via the Business app.

Refund to a credit card: When an original sale was made by a client's credit card, you will have the ability to refund the transaction to that same credit card.

Refund to ACH: If you have enabled the ability for clients to use electronic fund transfers, such as using a banking or checking account, you may encounter a time when you will need to return those funds.

Refund to account: When refunding a sale, it can be very convenient to return funds to a client's MINDBODY account just like you would with store credit. You can then use the client's account credit to make future purchases. This is the method you would use if a client were "exchanging" a service or product.

Refund to cash: If you wish to refund a client with cash, you can do that as well.

Refund Purchases made with Split Payments:  If your client purchased a product or service and split the payment between a credit card and cash, you will also be able to refund the amount originally charged to the card and give her the cash amount she used.

Refund to a different payment method: In the case where a client purchased a product or service, and you have a refund policy is that all refunds are issued as store credit, you will be able to do that as well.

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