Try One of These Summer Foods to Get Your Glow On

Summer is inevitably a time for baring skin, so make yours as glowy as possible by taking note of what you put in your body. Here are our favorite ways to eat ourselves summer skin happy.



Beta what? It’s an antioxidant-rich pigment found only in plants, though more predominantly in colorful veggies, and is converted into an essential source of Vitamin A by our bodies, resulting in healthier skin, vision and immune system.

At the root of this food family lies the ever-versatile sweet potato. Knowingly superior to its pale counterpart, this dew-enhancing delight is most definitely the leader of the pack. Famous for its role in the trademark Deliciously Ella Brownies, and the gorgeously sweet fries alternative, this bad boy has never been ‘beta.’  Another option would be the infamously ‘see in the dark,’ nose-of-a-snowman veggie, carrots. These hummus scoopers do in fact have a positively glowing impact on our vision, allowing your eyes to sparkle like they deserve.  We also give you full permission to eat melon at your leisure, specifically cantaloupe, due to the high quantity of glowing goodness it holds per wedge. Simply sprinkle it with a pinch of something you fancy and you’ll be glowing in no time. Throwing in a handful of spinach, Swiss chard, kale or even romaine/cos Lettuce into your breakfast, lunch, or dinner for good measure can do wonders for giving dull, lifeless skin a knockout, dreamlike complexion.



We’ve spent years seesawing the benefits of fat in our lives, whether the fat you wear is in fact the fat you eat.  Despite the controversy you may have come across though, not all fats are created equal, and it’s essential you replace the belly-boosting, skin-dulling, lethargy-increasing fats like ice cream and cakes with their omega-3, complexion-complementing counterparts.

Let’s begin by appreciating the food giant behind our beloved guacamole, the avocado.  Alternatively referred to as the alligator pear, this deliciously buttery fruit holds the key to potentially protecting you from chronic diseases including diabetes and obesity, as well as working wonders on your gleaming exterior.  There are also an array of oils worth trying, including cold-pressed olive oil, flax-seed oil and coconut oil. And yes, they are high in fat, but these highly nutritious oils are something of a godsend when fully prepping for a summer of radiance, whilst delivering a fantastic source of goodness aiding heart health and cholesterol levels.  If fish is more your thing, allow us to tempt you with a helping of salmon.  Commonly referred to as “brain food,” the omega-3 fats naturally occurring in this blemish-banishing delight contribute to brilliant brain function, a healthy heart and general overall well being. While you’re at it, we urge you to celebrate the nuts in your life—particularly almonds, Brazil nuts or walnuts—once a day, all in the name of redness reduction, acne abolition and Vitamin E consumption.



Consuming foods high in salt can provide our bodies with an abnormal amount of water retention, which affects not only our waistlines, but the glow and elasticity of our skin as well.  With 20% of our water intake coming from food, it’s vital that what we consume provides our bodies with the nourishment it craves to keep us glowing all year round.

Taking a moment to unravel some key skin-hydrating foods, let’s begin by re-introducing you to some fruits and veggies.  Eating apples, cucumber, kiwi and celery in abundance can prove an absolute savior for our skin—so here’s our rule: if it’s got skin on it, then dig in. These delicate few contain negative calories, too, meaning your body burns more eating them than it takes in. Watermelon also has excellent benefits when it comes to stabilizing the right balance of electrolytes in your body, ultimately providing you with an enviable glow.

There’s a plentiful and ever-growing supply of foods set to give you the summer glow you desire. So, rock your radiance and you’ll be gorgeously gleaming before you’ve even set foot on a beach.

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