The Dream That Changed His LIfe

Music enthusiast John Kolbrich awoke one morning after a vivid dream. “I saw a vision of a music school that I was instructed to build immediately. It was so vivid, I quit my day job and used my 401(k) to start The Avalon School of Music teaching students how to play a variety of musical instruments.”

As a new business owner, John was using different programs to manually keep track of things like student dues, teachers’ paychecks and his class schedules. All of this was becoming very time-consuming, so he started looking for music management software that would help him manage everything in one place. And then he found MINDBODY.

With the help of MINDBODY music management software, John and his son Philip have increased their recurring revenue to account for 82% of their income while bringing back 90.5% of their students in 2014.

Find out how.

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