Summertime Activities: Brought to You by MINDBODY Brand Ambassadors


Although summer is almost over, there’s still time to make the most of the remaining days of summer. If you need inspiration, our MINDBODY Brand Ambassadors shared some of their favorite summertime activities to stay fit and healthy.

Beth & William

“I love to do yoga to stay active and healthy year–round, but especially in the summertime! Whether it’s on my stand up paddleboard, or on solid ground, yoga helps me be my authentic, true self.”


“I was terrified of heights and decided to conquer it by flying over fifty feet in the air by my hands. It was scary but such a huge rush at the same time!”

Adriana & Shelly

“Yoga by the ocean, on the beach or beneath the trees. Anywhere, anytime. The connection? The MINDBODY app—it allows teachers to find inspiration in a space and let people know where to find the magic. The connection between teachers and students is one of the many gifts this app provides.”


“I’m a beach girl! I love love love taking SurfSet classes at BeachFit Baltimore that simulate surfing!”

No matter how you work out, book it on the MINDBODY app.

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