Running on a Passion for Fitness

Michelle Rotell has a passion for fitness—and her journey to being a fitness professional began when she was just 17 years old.

“I’ve been in group fitness since I was 17. I started off teaching classes and later became a personal trainer, but my true passion is teaching and helping others.”

Michelle continued to teach and be involved in the fitness industry, and in 2012, she was offered the opportunity to own her own fitness business by buying Sweat Cardio Temecula.

“The previous owners were selling,” Michelle said. “I thought it was my opportunity.”

Since 2012, Michelle has poured her energy into creating a special and unique place for her customers to come, work out and achieve their goals. With over 50 classes a week, there are plenty of options for anyone who enters her doors.

When new customers come in, Michelle says that she and her staff work extremely hard to provide a welcoming environment.

“We ask questions about their goals and what they’re looking for. We encourage them into the classes that best fit their needs. We encourage them to try new things. We want to make them feel comfortable and not make anyone feel intimidated.”

After new customers sign up, Michelle also makes sure to tell them to download MINDBODY Connect™.

“We tell them it’s an easy way to sign in so you don’t have to go online. They make us their favorite gym and it pops right up.”

The extra care Michelle takes to encourage all of her customers to download and use MINDBODY Connect to book their classes at Sweat Cardio led her to receive the BOLD Award for Best Ratings on MINDBODY Connect.

In addition to her business’s perfect ratings, Michelle was one of the first MINDBODY subscribers to actively promote the app beginning in October 2013 after at she attended a MINDBODY conference.

When she compares her gym to others in her area, Michelle is proud of what she’s accomplished since purchasing Sweat Cardio in 2012. For others who are considering opening or buying their own business, Michelle advises them to be sure that they have a passion for what they do.

“Make sure you love it. I think that’s where businesses fail. They don’t keep growing and they don’t continuously try to be creative. Customers can tell when you’re burnt out. If you don’t have the passion and love for it, they can tell.”