"POP" in and Meet Cassey Ho

As the industry leader in Pilates scheduling software, we love hearing about what life is like as a Pilates instructor. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Cassey Ho, founder of POP Pilates, editor of Blogilates and winner of the Best Healthy Living Blogger by Fitness Magazine. Cassey has been practicing Pilates for ten years and teaching for nearly seven.

How does Pilates benefit the body?

Pilates is my favorite exercise because all of your strength emanates from your core. As a result, not only are my abs super strong, but my balance is very good too! It's helped me from falling over in slippery situations, like when I go skiing. I've gotten so much stronger over years of practicing and it's nice to be able to really control my motions with grace. I always feel so flexible and powerful after an intense session.

As a Pilates instructor, what do you consider key for keeping your clients motivated and happy?

I genuinely care for them. I am there to serve them and do whatever I can to help them reach their potentials!

What advice would you give to Pilates instructors that are looking to grow their practice and their brand?

Use social media to reach more people! Don't be afraid to share your expertise with the world through blogging, uploading videos to YouTube, or sharing tips via Twitter or Instagram! The more you give, the more you receive.

How has Pilates transformed your personal life?

Personally, Pilates has always been my rock through thick and thin. It was there for me throughout my college experience, my first year of corporate America and now I am so fortunate to say that it is here as my main career. I turn to Pilates to relax and find my strength and balance in times of hardship.

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