Meet Natalie: A MINDBODY Pilates Blogger

I’m a Pilates instructor. Officially, my job is to strengthen and lengthen muscles.

But really? I help people become more agile and pain free to make them feel empowered from the inside out so that they can go on to live awesome lives.

What I’ve done for the last 10 years is teach Pilates and raise my three daughters, but ultimately all of my work is about teaching women how building their physical and inner strength is about more than just their body. What I’ve learned is that by taking care of ourselves first, in mind and body, we’re more capable of taking care of others around us, our families, our communities, and beyond.

I’ve worked with all body types in my years of teaching, ranging from the athlete to the prenatal mama, as well as many post-operative patients. Pilates is an incredible method for any body.

Natalie is a Pilates instructor based in Pismo Beach, California. You can read more of Natalie’s writing on her blog or check back on our blog soon.

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Photo courtesy of Natalie Garay.