How Yoga Helps Her Heal

Becky Delacoe isn’t a typical yoga studio owner. Although she’s spent much of her life in the health and wellness industry, she’s also a decorated combat veteran. Before opening Warrior’s Soul Healing Movement in Bedford, New Hampshire, Becky served in the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After leaving the service, Becky says she found herself needing to start over. “I had injuries both inside and out. Having many injuries also meant certain limitations that my ‘old life’ was not compatible with.”

But instead of dwelling in the past, Becky opened Warrior’s Soul to both heal herself and other veterans that live in her community. “Working with vets is and has always been my passion,” she explains. “I offer numerous services to the veteran population, including yoga, nutrition and Thai yoga bodywork. All they have to do is call me!”

For Becky, yoga and meditation are more than just wellness practices: they are a means for her and other veterans to return to a calm and peaceful state of mind after seeing combat.

“While we’re at war, it’s necessary to operate in a state of heightened awareness in order to respond to constant threats,” she says. “Once we come home, it’s important to learn how to downshift and bring that awareness back into balance.”

Although Becky’s found balance with the help of yoga and mediation, her military experience affected her path to owning a business another way: “I see it mostly in my work ethic, my drive and my way of stopping at nothing to move forward, even when I probably should.”

Becky has a piece of advice for any other veterans who want to start a business: “Plan ahead.”

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