From Vacation to Dream Job

Most people take vacation in order to get away from work, but John Leonardis started his business on a vacation.

“I opened CrossFit Stealth with my partner Matt,” John said. “We were on vacation together and were brainstorming. We put together a business plan and then when we got home from vacation, we started getting the wheels turning.”

When Matt and John opened CrossFit Stealth in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 2012, they kept their full time jobs, but hoped at some point to be able to make the gym their jobs.

“Our intent from day one was always for the gym to be full-time, but we wanted to minimize the risk,” John said.

The risks were as high for John as they were for Matt. CrossFit Stealth was the first affiliate in the area and at the beginning; they had to prove that the workouts they offered at CrossFit Stealth were worth it.

“The growth has been amazing and with the sheer popularity of CrossFit Stealth with the population, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as the premier training facility in central New Jersey.”

After a year of the gym being open, John and Matt were able to transition to working at the gym full time in 2013.

“It’s my dream job, pretty much. You could talk to any box owner and they’d say the same thing. Every day I get to wake up and do what I love.”

The happiness that John has when he goes to work translates into the success of CrossFit Stealth. Matt and John recently opened a second location, as well as enlarging their already strong client community.

“The growth we’ve seen from athletes not only from the physical side, but also within our community is amazing. We have a great time and raise funds for a lot of causes within our community.”

As John points out, none of it would have been achievable without the help of MINDBODY.

“MINDBODY is great. The ease of use has pretty much allows us to focus on coaching and other aspects of the business rather than administrative work. When we expanded to another location, the transition was easy because we already had the backbone in place with MINDBODY.”

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