Family, Fitness, and Fighting Cancer

Breast cancer took Lea Brown’s grandmother before Lea ever had the chance to meet her. Then when Lea was 14, her mother had breast cancer and a double mastectomy.  Now, as an adult, Lea works hard to spread the word about breast cancer prevention, including using fitness.

Lea chose to become a fitness business owner before she knew the benefits of fitness in the fight against cancer. “I never considered breast cancer as a contributing factor or a catalyst to become a fitness professional,” Lea said.

Now that she knows the benefits of fitness, Lea advocates for her customers to join the fight. “Lowering your excess weight and eating healthy is key against fighting disease. My goal is to help women become more aware of movement and things that are key to living a long and functional life.”

For Lea, part of the knowledge that women must have includes their family history of breast cancer and accepting a diagnosis as a possibility.

“Ignorance in this case, is not bliss. It will be your downfall. Ignoring cancer does not make it go away, it gives cancer the power. Just like you lift weights to build strength, you need to look into this topic and gain knowledge as this knowledge will be your tools and weapons to help you fight.”

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