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Each Marathon Brought Sally a Step Closer to Her True Passion

Sally Chamness set off toward a career in IT, earning her B.S. in the field. When she wasn’t studying, she loved to train and participate in marathons. By the time she had graduated, she had run several of them. As a result of the constant pounding, her body was having a hard time recovering. “To help my body heal, I started getting massages, which turned out to be incredibly effective. I loved the experience of it all so much that I decided to change careers and become a massage therapist.”

After completing 600 hours of training, Sally became a certified massage therapist and opened her own studio. She knew before she ever opened her doors that she was going to need the help of massage management software to efficiently run her business. “Having come from a technological background, software was the obvious way to go when it came to handling my schedule and keeping track of the day-to-day.”

With the help of MINDBODY massage management software, Sally has increased her revenue by nearly 33% and attracted 25% more clients, bringing her retention rate to 36%, all in one year. Since first using MINDBODY software (2010), she has increased her revenue by 79%.

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