600 5-Star Ratings and Counting

Lindy Hobbs moved from Sacramento, California to live in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she discovered her new love: Hot Pilates. When visiting friends and family back home, she started looking for Hot Pilates classes and quickly discovered there were none. 

“When I got back to Vegas I was texting one of my friends in Sacramento and told him he needed to open a studio that offered Hot Pilates. He told me he’d do it if I moved back and did it with him.” Four months later, they opened P2O Hot Pilates & Fitness.

During the first six months of being open, Lindy flew back and forth from Vegas to Sacramento teaching classes and operating their new business during the week, while her business partner and long-time friend, Danny Castillo, ran things on the weekends.

They started out with five instructors teaching a handful of classes, and in the course of a year grew to a staff of twelve, were voted as the Best Pilates Studio of 2014 in the Sacramento area, and will soon be opening their second location. “We have an amazing team and our members love us!  We have over 600 5-star ratings on MINDBODY Connect™. It’s very exciting!”

Lindy and Danny are excited to be able to offer their students the free MINDBODY Connect app, where their members can easily search and book all their classes directly from their phone. And they spread the word by telling every student about the app upon signing up. “Most of our members (75%) use the app because it’s so convenient.”

Lindy loves it, too. “I recently visited Vegas and wanted to go to a Hot Pilates class. All I had to do was whip out my phone and search the app. I use it whenever I travel to find new places to work out so I can continue my routine. It’s also great because I sometimes learn new things that I can then take back with me and teach my students.”

MINDBODY Connect also offers their members the ability to get on a wait list when classes are full. “When a space opens up, people on the list are immediately notified. This helps us fill our classes and gives our students the chance to take a class they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.”

Their students can also book ahead and review their schedules throughout the day from the convenience of their phone. “Because our members are able to see their own schedules, we’re able to spend less time making phone calls and sending text messages, and more time teaching classes.”

Lindy and Danny are also able to check in and see how instructors are doing by scanning the reviews left for each instructor. “When I see raving reviews for instructors, I’ll send them an email with a screenshot of the review and thank them for being so awesome.”

Excited by what the future has to offer, Lindy and Danny are ramping up for the opening of their new location in Elk Grove, 15 minutes south of Sacramento. “Our second location should be ready by January 2015, which will show up in MINDBODY Connect once we’re open. It’s wonderful to have convenient free tools like MINDBODY Connect. It goes a long way in making our members’ experiences that much better!”

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