Push Your Luck Past Your Comfort Zone

Luna Soul Day Detox Retreat group
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“You should just go,” she said…

2017 is set to be a year of new experiences—a year for me to step outside of myself and embrace the joy of simply being. What better way to start it off than by spending a 12-hour day cooped up in a fitness studio with complete strangers to practice yoga and reset, detox and rejuvenate? While that might sound awful to many, I was had at the invitation.

It was right about the time I realized that I wanted to start building the “next chapter” of my life—to retire from the corporate life and follow my fitness passions—when an invitation popped up on Facebook for just the thing: a Luna Soul Day Detox Retreat. I frantically went online, messaging the few like-minded people I knew in search of someone to attend with me. I even messaged directly in the event, but found no one to attend. That’s when one of the Master Trainers in charge of the shindig reached out to me and said those magic words, “You should just go.” I knew she was right. She knew I needed this. I registered for the event and sent my money within minutes of having received her encouraging words.

A week before the event I tried to get my money back. I began to doubt my decision to go. I was dealing with a leg injury, the time commitment was eating at me and the whole idea of building connections with strangers was making me uncomfortable. The words of the trainer, however, were so encouraging and positive: “You must come,” she kept telling me. And so I did.

I was greeted warmly by strangers, most of whom were equally uncomfortable as “first timers” or came alone. We began our day with tea and a welcome circle, followed by a 90-minute Buti Yoga session. To all my socially awkward women out there: should you ever find yourself uncomfortable in a room of women you have never met, I encourage you to Buti with them. Discomfort simply does not exist after this kind of a session. Once you give yourself permission to simply let go and allow the music to carry you, it’s all good from there.

Following our Buti practice, the agenda danced us harmoniously through the most amazing vegan, gluten and grain-free meals, snacks and teas, meditation writing, face masks, a 90-minute Deep Yoga practice, Partner Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Thai massage. With each practice I found something new about my body—I noticed how strong my core had become from my years of running and strength training, and was simultaneously humbled by what I found my body could no longer do.

As powerful as Buti Yoga is at taking discomfort away, Partner Yoga (or at least the idea of it) is equally as powerful at putting it back … or so I thought. At the beginning of this practice, I was instructed to share my mat with a stranger, and to lean upon her with the same trust I give my family. I was doubtful, but chose a partner that was equally as uncomfortable as me. It wasn’t so bad—it was actually therapeutic and comforting!

At the end of the day, a closing circle with warm turmeric milk brought us all together to share our thoughts of connection and gratitude. When a group of women come together and give themselves permission to love and care for their bodies, to rejuvenate their minds and spirits, long-lasting bonds are created. Love is shared. Beauty is revealed. It is in pushing outside of our comfort zones—not being afraid to be vulnerable and allowing ourselves to reach others with our love, energy and joy—that we grow and give the most.