Cross it Off Your Fitness Bucket List: Run a 5K

While setting fitness goals help diversify your workouts and provide extra motivation, it's possible to get stumped on how to achieve some things on your fitness bucket list. This blog post is the first in a series designed to help you cross the biggest goals off of your list, thanks to advice and insight from fitness professionals. 

From rekindling your love running to the desire to start, there are many reasons why running a 5K is a common fitness goal. If your next fitness goal is to run a 5K, here are tips and advice from Martise Moore, founder of GreenRunner in Los Angeles, on how to conquer this 3.1-mile journey of self-discovery and fun.

Register for a race.

Training for a race is way more motivating than just running for fitness--and registering for a race gives you a training deadline. 5Ks are everywhere, and some are known for their fun themes like holidays and costumes. You can find and register for one that interests you on

Set a specific goal.

Once you’ve signed up for a race, you’re committed to doing it. But setting a specific goal for the race—like finishing in under 45 minutes—will increase your motivation and performance. Simply planning to "finish" the race will give you little to no motivation to train because it's a goal that you could accomplish right now. Get out of your comfort zone: Give yourself a goal that requires you to grow and develop new success habits.

Get some training partners.

Training partners keep you accountable to your goals.  They also make your training more fruitful and fun.

There are three types of training partners:

  • Running Buddies

    Your running buddy could be a friend, family member or even a co-worker. Don’t expect your buddy to be your sole motivation.

  • Running Groups is a great place to start your search. Running groups often run on specific days and times, and many of them train for 5Ks. The consistency of a group makes it more reliable than a single running buddy.

  • Running Coaches

    A coach can tighten up your running form and customize a training plan that will help you achieve your race goal.  The mere fact that you are paying them will increase your level of commitment.  Plus, your coach will push you into your growth zone and keep you on track.

Run Your Race.

Race day can be hectic, so arrive at least 30 minutes early. After you warm up, stand near the starting line to avoid the walkers. When the race starts, believe in your training and pace yourself right from the beginning.

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