Big Goals Drive Big Results

When we launched the Big Goals, Big Rewards competition in February, we hoped business owners would be inspired to chase their dreams and accomplish a big goal. Over 100 businesses accepted the challenge and finished the competition. The progress they made is nothing short of amazing, and we have picked some of the highlights of the competition to share. The competition was composed of three separate challenges: Starting Strong, Becoming Established and Embracing Technology. The results of each challenge are separately listed below.

Starting Strong

Participants in the Starting Strong category have been in business for a year or less and were challenged to build a client base. From January 2015 to April 2015, the 47 competitors in this category were visited 22,262 times by their customers and saw an average growth of 14% in their client bases month-to-month.

Meet the winners of our Starting Strong category here.

Becoming Established

Participants in the Becoming Established category were challenged to demonstrate the highest growth in overall revenue, while having at least 100 classes or appointments booked each month. The 50 participants in this category made 238,307 sales that brought in a total of $15 million.

Meet the winners of our Becoming Established category here.

Embracing Technology

Businesses in the Embracing Technology category were asked to increase the number of services booked through their MINDBODY software or MINDBODY Connect™. The 15 businesses that completed this challenge substantially increased their online bookings—averaging a 31% month-over-month increase from January to April 2015.

Meet the winners of our Embracing Technology category here.