Wellness, Wherever You Are


Traveling is amazing—all the different sights you see, the people you meet, the cultures you experience. Whether you’re an avid planner who thinks of everything or more of an “I’ll just show up and go” (oh hey, that’s me), there’s one thing you may be forgetting to plan for: your well-being. Use these tips to stay fit and well, wherever you go.

  • See which airports have wellness features
  • Do some DIY workout and yoga
  • Take time to meditate and breathe
  • Bring plans and programs from home
  • Get the MINDBODY app

Read on for the deets of each point.

Love your layover

If you’re flying somewhere, chances are high you’ll experience some sort of delay, cancellation, mechanical issue—all the fun stuff. Instead of using all your downtime to binge-watch another season or think about how annoying the situation is, try to use the extra time for wellness. Then you can go back to binge-watching that last season feeling refreshed and accomplished.

Bust a move…anywhere

No workout or yoga room? No problem. If you aren’t able to go somewhere, bring a little bit of wellness to you. These yoga poses are some of my favorites. Try starting or ending your day with these quick and easy poses to feel more relaxed and balanced.

1. Sun Salutation (Inhale arms up, exhale forward fold, inhale come halfway up, exhale down, inhale straighten up, exhale heart center). 2. Side Stretch (both sides). 3. Downward-facing Dog. 4. Cat and Cow. 5. Child’s Pose

Looking to sculpt and stay fit while away? This full-body circuit will do the quick trick. Do each exercise for one minute, rest, then repeat it all four times through. You can use weights, water (or wine) bottles or anything else you have on hand to take it up a notch.

1. Squat to side lunge (30 seconds on each side). 2. Lunge to knee lift (30 seconds each side). 3. Wide shoulder presses. 4. Plank and alternating knee to elbow (30 seconds each).

Inhale, exhale. Repeat.

In all the flurry of traveling, one of the most important things is to remember is to breathe. I know, I know, we breathe all the time without thinking about it—of course you’ll do that. But oftentimes our days are filled with frantically moving from point A to point B, and we rarely take time to just stop for a second. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed—or if things aren’t going how you expected—just breathe. Inhale deeply through your nose to the count of five. Hold it for five. Exhale out your mouth to the count of five. Repeat as necessary. Taking deep, cleansing breaths like this helps slow your heart rate down and calm your mind.

Maybe you meditate for a few minutes and reflect on your amazing experiences so far. This point may seem small and obvious, but consciously remembering to breathe is good for the mind (and soul)—no matter where you are.

Pack some homework

If you’re used to a specific routine that involves classes or appointments at your local gym, studio or spa, you don’t necessarily have to leave it all behind. Ask your favorite instructors or practitioners how you can stay on track while away. They’ll likely be willing to help create a program for you to follow until your return. Whether that’s a full-blown daily plan or just some small things to do, you can feel like you never left and come back ready to pick up where you left off.

Use the MINDBODY app

The MINDBODY app is great for booking your usual classes or appointments at your favorite businesses, but did you know it can be a useful tool while traveling, too? Check out the Explore page to see what new classes and services are near you, or search for something specific. There are also deals and intro offers if you’re feeling inspired by your traveling to try something new. You can learn more about each business on their profile, as well as book and pay for classes—all within the app.

Wherever your adventures take you, you don’t have to leave your well-being behind. Next time you travel, try to think about how you can keep yourself fit and well. You’ll enhance your overall experience, and your body and mind will thank you, too.

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