Wellness for Your Holiday Woes

From celebrating traditions and enjoying elaborate meals to spending time with family and anticipating a new year—the holidays are a wonderful time to be with the ones you love.

Now let me paint a slightly different picture: the decadent meals start adding up and you constantly feel stuffed, your routine is thrown off and all that family time is starting to get overwhelming (yes, Grandma, I am still single—thanks for asking…again).

This holiday season, try not to let yourself get bogged down by the woes it can bring. Instead, use wellness as your outlet—so you can spend more time truly present with your loved ones without worrying about everything else. Here’s how:

Too blessed to be stressed

Holiday shopping, crazy work hours, hosting parties, end of year finances, high expectations, excessive social commitments. (Don’t worry, I stressed myself out just writing all that.) It’s no secret that—in addition to joy—the holidays can bring a lot of stress.

Let some steam off with your favorite high-energy workout or a HIIT class. All that stress may not go away completely, but taking some time to forget about it keeps you sane. Channel all that energy into something that helps you feel stronger physically and mentally.

See ya later, toxins

In my head, the holidays are an exception for all the attempted healthy eating and self-control I practice the rest of the year. That’s obviously not the case, but if you’re like me and go a bit overboard with the cookies and wine this time of year, there’s hope! Heated classes like yoga and Pilates are a great way to detox your body when you feel bloated and full. Don’t have time to make a class? Give these poses a try.

Inhale, exhale, ahhh

In the midst of all the craziness that comes with the holidays, take some time to unwind and reset your mind. Whether it’s the flow of a calming yoga class, booking a much-needed massage or setting aside an hour to meditate in a quiet space, don’t deprive your soul of some quiet R&R. You’d be amazed at what can happen when you leave everything at the door and just focus on yourself for a bit. Spoiler alert: you’ll come away refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

The more, the merrier

The holidays aren’t always tinsel and twinkle for everyone. The season can also bring sadness and loneliness (even when you’re surrounded by others). If you find yourself feeling down and alone, try a group fitness class. Signing up for something like Spin® is a great way to surround yourself with a tribe of people who can help lift you up and motivate you to push on. There are communities of support and wellness all around you, all you have to do is show up.

Beauty from the outside in

There’s something to be said for that feeling you get when you step out of the salon, your new ‘do glowing in the sunshine and blowing in the breeze (okay fine, car heater…same thing). Don’t forget to give a gift to the person you’re closest to—yourself. It’s true that getting a fresh haircut or a facial at your local spa will help you look better on the outside, but it does wonders for your inner confidence, too. Looking your best makes you feel your best, and that’s something we all need when it comes to the hectic holidays.

No matter what you’re feeling this season, bring wellness with you every step of the way. And if you need help getting there, the MINDBODY app can help you easily find and book everything I’ve suggested (and find a good deal, too). Cheers to your holidays—may they be being merry, bright and stress-free.

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