Take Wellness With You

Fa la la la ahh, the holidays. Lots of time spent with loved ones, and likely even more time spent getting to them. The holiday season is a peak time for traveling, which means your health and wellness routine may have to take one for the team—until now.

This year, keep your wellness with you, no matter where you go. Here are some ideas to help:

Love Your Layover

Flying somewhere? Chances are you’re going to experience some sort of delay, cancellation, mechanical issue—all the fun stuff. Instead of using all your downtime to binge-watch another season or think about how stressful traveling is, try to use the extra time for wellness. From workout and yoga rooms to walking paths with a view, check out which airports are equipped for health and wellness. Then you can go back to binge-watching that last season feeling refreshed and accomplished.

Explore Somewhere New

Wherever you spend the holidays, take it outside for a bit and discover something new. Explore and get some exercise the good ol’ fashioned way by walking, running or biking your way around. But don’t forget to take a map or phone with you if you’re in a new area and don’t have the greatest sense of direction. Unless you’re trying to get lost for a while...in that case, you’ll find your way back eventually.

Pack Some Homework

If you’re used to a specific routine that involves classes or appointments at your local gym, studio or spa, you don’t necessarily have to leave it all behind. Ask your favorite instructors or practitioners how you can stay on track while away. They’ll likely be willing to help create a program for you to follow until your return. Whether that’s a full-blown daily plan or just some small things to do, you’ll feel like you never left and come back ready to pick up where you left off.

Pass Through as a Guest

Many health and wellness businesses offer guest passes for a short amount of time. If you’re going to be in the same place for a few days, look into purchasing a pass to take a few classes or get access to fitness equipment. You can even find an intro offer to try something new if you’re feeling wild.

Use the MINDBODY App

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. The MINDBODY app is great for finding new classes and services near you, even when you’re on the go. Check out the Explore page to see what’s nearby and to search for a specific class or service. You can learn more about the business on their profile, as well as book and pay for classes—all within the app.

Whatever adventures this holiday season brings, take wellness (and MINDBODY) with you.

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