Meal Prep 101: Earth Day Edition

Steak lettuce wraps
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Diligently meal prepping week after week may seem like a daunting task, but have you considered the positive impact it has on the environment? Below are a few simple meal prep tips that help keep both you and the environment healthy.

Plan Ahead to Reduce Waste
Spend a little time before you meal prep to check out some recipe blogs (Skinnytaste and Love and Lemons are two of my favorites right now) to get inspiration for fun, fresh meals. Having a boring lineup of meals for the week not only sets you up to give into temptation and convenience, it can also be wasteful.

My favorite way to avoid bland, unexciting meals is to cook my main dish three ways at one time. This is super easy to do in the oven in tin foil packets. Can’t decide between barbeque, lemon pepper or Cajun-spiced? Have ‘em all!

Be sure to consider your calendar when planning for the week. Have a lunch meeting one day? Meeting a friend for breakfast to catch up over a smoothie? Be cognizant and don’t over-prep.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
We’ve all heard that phrase before, but did you know a plastic bag can take anywhere from 20 to 1,000 years to break down? Reusable food containers are basically environmentally-friendly portion control. Talk about a win-win. By using the same containers each week, you know the amount of room a single portion should take up within each container and steer clear of over-eating. Plus, you can do your part in helping keep the environment clean by bringing your containers home instead of throwing things away.

Shop Locally
Turn meal prep into a fun activity. Grab some friends and check out your local farmer’s market. This not only ensures you get the freshest produce available, but it supports your community, too. You might even stumble across vegetables you didn’t know existed! Break out of your comfort zone and try something new—and don’t forget to bring your reusable tote.