Inspired by Rio? Try Weightlifting at These Gyms

While weightlifting represents a key aspect of training for almost all athletes at the Summer Games, it’s also an event in its own right. At the Games in Rio, athletes receive only three attempts in either the snatch or the clean and jerk. Luckily, you’ll get more opportunities than that if you’re ready to throw the plates on the barbell. Check out these five gyms where you can put your strength to the test.

TFW Pacifica

To challenge its students, TFW Pacifica uses the Training For Warriors system, created by a former Games athlete for the world’s best combat athletes. At TFW, you can simulate the training for  Rio by joining the TFW Warrior Challenge or taking on their signature Hurricane workout.

Where to find it:

100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Unit #2 & #3, Pacifica, CA 94044


Switch provides fun, high-intensity strength training in a team environment. Join a Switch Strong class to work on traditional lifts, or challenge your endurance with a Switch Circuit class. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just getting back into exercising, Switch challenges you and helps you reach new levels of strength and fitness.

Where to find it:

4930 35th Street West, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Impact Sports Performance

Impact Sports Performance offers customized, sport-specific programs and cutting-edge athletic performance enhancement, with an emphasis on injury prevention— all the ingredients to make you feel like a true Rio athlete. Improve your speed, balance, power and strength by taking a group or individual class.

Where to find it:

​One Superior Drive, Unit B, Superior, CO 80027

Cleveland Fitness Club

Cleveland Fitness Club hosts group classes and personal training, as well as a free weights room where you can build your strength on your own. The club also features a MotionCage that focuses on a wide range of bodyweight exercises .

Where to find it:

6600 West 130th Street Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130


Located in East Hollywood, StrengthRX emphasizes  strengthening and conditioning of all the muscles in the body. Open seven days a week and offering multiple WODs each day, StrengthRX gives you plenty of opportunity to tone and build your muscles.

Where to find it:

5035 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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