Inspired by Rio? Try Fencing at These Gyms

Fencing has been part of the modern Games since they began in Athens in 1896, challenging the athlete’s mind and body. If Rio has inspired you to try fencing for the first time, here are five businesses ready to train you. En garde!

Manhattan Fencing

Manhattan Fencing believes that coaching plays a big part in success, and this philosophy is clear by the records of the athletes they’ve trained: the studio has qualified more fencers for U.S. National Teams and the Games than any other club in the country. But don’t be intimidated--they offer beginning classes for both kids and adults in addition to training world-class champions.

And, if you aren’t ready to pick up a sword yet, be sure to cheer on Manhattan Fencing students, Daryl Homer and Dagmara Wozniak as they compete in Rio!

Where to find it:

225 W 39th St, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10018

United Fencing Academy

The United Fencing Academy in Los Angeles welcomes fencers of all ages and expertise, and offers both group classes and individual lessons. This studio focuses on techniques to engage both the body and the mind to ensure training is fun and improvement is quick.

Where to find It:

6275 Variel Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Phoenix Falcons Fencing Club

Founded by Sewall Shurtz, who competed at the 1956 Games, the Phoenix Falcons Fencing Club has a history steeped in training athletes for all levels of competition. The non-profit club offers introductory and development classes, as well as group competitions where you can put your skills to the test.

Where to find It:

1522 E. Pierson St., Phoenix, AZ  85014

Gryphon Fencing

Gryphon Fencing got its name from the mythical creature and claims it’s an ideal mascot for their fencing club—symbolizing the strength of the lion, the intelligence of the eagle, and the courage and nobility of both. Gryphon’s mission is to educate young people and adults on modern sports fencing and emphasizes that it’s never too late to get started in the sport.

Where to Find It:

971 Via Rodeo, Placentia CA 92870
41658 Ivy St. #110, Murrieta, CA 92562
1011 Camelback Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Cheyenne Fencing and Modern Pentathlon Center

After many successful years on the U.S. Fencing team, three-time Games athlete Elaine Cheris wanted to share her love of fencing with others and founded the Cheyenne Fencing and Modern Pentathlon Center in 1981. In addition to offering two free classes for new students, the club offers all of the equipment that new athletes need to get started.

Where to Find it:

5818 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80220

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