Get Back Into Your Routine With the MINDBODY App

Whether you’re headed back to campus, getting the kids into gear, or ready to ramp up your workouts after a slothful summer, it’s the perfect time of year to start planning out your fitness routine. Since this is much easier said than done, we’ve got a few tips on how you can use the MINDBODY app to get back into the swing of things. The app can get you started on your way back to a regimen, and more importantly, help you stick to it.

Book ahead

This one’s obvious but oh-so-true: If you’ve got a set plan for the week, you’re more likely to follow through. Book your classes and appointments for the week—or even better, for the month—to make sure they don’t get squeezed out of your schedule. Sync the MINDBODY app with your calendar, or just tap My Schedule to check out your upcoming services. The app also keeps track of your visit history, so you can see what you’ve accomplished and stay motivated.

Try something new

Though the word “routine” implies doing the same thing repeatedly, a good fitness plan has variety and will keep you engaged over time. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to break a sweat without becoming bummed with the blasé. Discovering new favorites can be fun: take on a 30-day challenge, try a bootcamp or aerial arts, or give a different class a go until you find one you love.

With the MINDBODY app, it’s easy to try something new. You can browse a studio’s schedule, view class descriptions and instructor profiles, and then book in just a couple of taps. The MINDBODY app even lets you sign new client liability waivers in the app so that you can spend less time at the front desk when you arrive at the studio.

Find a friend

While sometimes it’s nice to go solo on a run or ride, working out with a partner has several benefits. When you hit the gym with a friend, not only are you forced to schedule plans ahead of time, but you’ll also feel that much more culpable for bailing on a bud. Plus, who couldn’t use a little friendly competition? A 2012 Kansas State University study shows that working out with someone you perceive as more athletic can increase the intensity and time of your workout by as much as 200%.

As you get going again this season, let the MINDBODY app get you back in the saddle. With the app, you’ll start off organized and inspired, and ease back into a routine—no sweat.

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