Four Tips for Slowing Down This Holiday Season

Spiritual teacher Ram Dass once humorously observed that those of us who think we’re “enlightened” should spend one week with family to see how kind and peaceful we really are. As the holidays approach, love is everywhere, and so are our blind spots. The situations that drive us bonkers and push our buttons are opportunities to stay open and not close down.

Hustling-and-bustling is a time-honored tradition this time of year. We all have so much to do and people to see. And although we all have behaviors and personality traits waiting to be transformed and healed, the holidays are a perfect time to practice what so many of us believe and preach: love, centeredness, courage, wisdom and kindness.

‘Tis better to give than receive.

You don’t have to be a “material girl” or “material boy” to know we’re living in a material world. Giving doesn’t have to break the bank, or your heart. A simple gift of gratitude and kindness can change someone’s world. Your time and attention are two of your most precious gifts to share. No credit card required.

Go to bed early.

Think about how bears hibernate during the winter.  When the days are shorter, our bodies need more rest. So put down the eggnog and get up to bed! Sleep is proven to be one of the most restorative medicines around. And your zzz’s are free.

Eat the sea.

According to Chinese Medicine winter is the time when the kidneys are most active. The kidneys thrive when nourished with simple non-processed foods like wild-caught fresh fish and sea veggies (e.g., nori, wakame, dulse). Other favorites include tofu and black bean soup.

Re-focus on your energy.

Since your kidneys are more active during the winter, the holidays are a good time to engage in the White Pearl Qigong Meditation. Practicing the White Pearl Meditation will kick up your kidney Qi and help you access more energy, vitality and joy this season and always. Click here for details on how to do the meditation.

We hope you flow through this holiday season with joy and ease.

Happy Holidays!

Make time for yourself.

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