Fit City Guide: Portland, Oregon

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Each year, the American College of Sports Medicine releases the American Fitness Index reporting on how people in the top fifty metropolitan areas in the United States live. We reached out to unique businesses in each of the top five rated cities across the country. Read on to learn about what an active lifestyle looks like in fourth-ranked Portland, Oregon.

Overall Rank: 4

Overall Score: 69.6

Personal Health Rank: 8

Community Health Rank: 6

“Portland is always ranked near the top of America’s Fittest Cities.  And for good reason!  We have everything you’d want in an outdoor opportunity and an up-and-coming boutique fitness market.” – Firebrand Sports

Studio 1: The Green Microgym

“Generating Our Own Power”

The Green Microgym provides a comfortable and effective workout space that also strives to be self-sustaining. To achieve sustainability and reduced emissions, The Green Microgym uses energy-producing cardio equipment such as ellipticals and stationary bikes, treadmills that use 30% less electricity than standard models, LCD televisions to replace high energy plasma screens, no bottled water (they encourage the use of refillable bottles), all-natural cleaning supplies, recycled paper products, eco-friendly construction materials, compact fluorescent lighting and more!

Where You Can Find It: 828 SE 34th, Studio B

Studio 2: Firebrand Sports

“Change your workout. Change your body. Change your life.”

Firebrand offers unique and exciting fitness classes ranging from indoor cycling to barre—and the combination of the two in a hybrid class of high-energy cardio-intense Full Tilt Cycling on the RealRyder bike paired with Firebarre—their signature low-impact cardio barre class. Other classes offered by Firebrand are: Pyrolates, Urban Row, The Mashup and Full Tilt Cycling.

The team at Firebrand Sports says, “Portland is always ranked near the top of the America’s Fittest Cities. And for good reason!  We have everything you’d want in an outdoor opportunity at our fingertips: unbelievable hiking, year-round skiing and boarding on Mount Hood and a vibrant and much-loved bike culture. Portland is also an up-and-coming boutique fitness market.”

Where You Can Find It: 500 NW 14th Avenue

Studio 3: Diva Den Studio

“Diva Den Studio is like happy hour…come exercise and socialize. We promise you’ll stay for another round!”

Diva Den Studio is a boutique dance and fitness studio that was created for women, by women. Today, it is the largest women’s fitness facility in the Northwest, continuing to encourage women no matter what age, shape or size to work out in a way that doesn’t feel like a workout. Offering both fitness fusion and pole dance classes, Diva Den offers a wide-range of formats guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Diva Den’s Kristin says, “I started doing this because I wanted to create something that made people want to work out. Not just to get fit, but for fun. I set out to change that and make it so going to our studio is the best part of your day and not something you have to do. I think finding something that inspires you and doesn't make working out a chore is key to making it a lifestyle and not a passing thing.”

Where You Can Find It: 11959 SW Garden Pl

This blog post is the fourth in a series recognizing the top-ranked cities on the American Fitness Index: Washington DC, Minneapolis, Denver, Portland, and San Francisco. You can access the full AmericanFitness Index here.

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