Don’t Let Heat Destroy Your Workout

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It can be tricky to balance fitness with heat, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workout. Here are seven ideas on how to diversify your next workout—no matter what the temperature is outside.

Run in a new place.

It can be hard to get motivated to run when it’s hot outside. Changing up your route can be the motivation you need to lace up your shoes. Whether it’s a new trail, backroad, along the beach or a different part of the city, run a new route in a unique location—who knows what you’ll discover!

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Workout in water.

Water provides many benefits just from drinking it, but working out in it is a whole other ball game. Swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, water aerobics, surfing, or even aqua cycling, today is the day. There’s something about working out in H20 that makes you feel like a different person when you’re done.

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Use a playground for your workout.

Who said your neighborhood playground was just for kids? Getting into shape can literally be child’s play! Combine your next workout with the same equipment and games you enjoyed in your youth, and you’re in for a fun and effective full-body workout.

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Workout at sunrise or sunset

Working out at sunrise or sunset will not only give you some relief from a hot day, but it also provides a beautiful backdrop for your fitness endeavors. Work hard and snap a picture here and there.

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Change up your playlist.

If music is your motivator, a new playlist could completely change your workout. Swap out an old song for a guilty pleasure. Do an interval workout to the length of a song. The options are as endless as your music library.

Hit the court or field.

For a fun, competitive and diversified workout, enjoy an outdoor sports session. Whether you’re joining a pick-up game or practicing alone, be sure to lace up your sneakers or cleats and raise that heart rate.

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Sweat with a view.

Get sweaty with your favorite routine at a location with a view. Distract yourself from your favorite high-intensity workout with beautiful surroundings.

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