Giving Back, Not Giving Up: Meet Andrea

After one of the members of CrossFit APx told Andrea the story of Rachel Friedman, the “quadriplegic bride,” and her struggle to afford physical therapy, Andrea reached out and became Rachel’s therapist. Andrea works to make Rachel as strong as she can, but at the same time Rachel is making Andrea stronger in other ways.

“She’s been a blessing for APx,” Andrea says. “She doesn’t regret what happened and she’s made us aware of what we take for granted. We put our own lives in perspective.”

Andrea’s good-hearted nature through fitness was evident long before she began helping Rachel. After training Marines for 14 years, Andrea began to realize that her passion as not in training athletes, but making a difference in the lives of others. Besides Rachel, Andrea also trains a 76- year-old cancer and stroke survivor.

“You can see how you help them when they walk straighter when you’re helping someone whose life has changed drastically,” Andrea said.

“You know your helping them when they walk straighter and move better. The reward is in knowing that you can change lives, often dramatically.”

As a member of the affiliate community, Andrea asks her fellow box owners to take the time to help their communities.

“We all want to train athletes, but let’s not just help our athletes,” Andrea said. “If we could do this every single day, we’d be backing up what we’re saying about our community.”

“We all want to train athletes, but its both important and rewarding to help those who are handicapped or have suffered adversity that prevent normal physical movement.”

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