Giving a Cut Above: The Hair Loft

As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect and celebrate the accomplishments you’ve achieved this year. To celebrate, we’re sharing the stories of eight businesses who have gone above and beyond giving back to their communities in 2016.

For as long as she can remember, Tiffany Bruehl has had a passion for helping others. Since opening her own salon and spa, Tiffany and her like-minded staff at The Hair Loft in Wenatchee, Washington, bring this charitable attitude to her business and community in a range of ways. With a philosophy that even the smallest contribution can have a big impact, these stylists devote their extra time and money to giving back however they can.

Tiffany’s exposure to homelessness around Wenatchee touched her first, spurring her to start providing free haircuts at the local shelter. As her business grew, this act of kindness evolved into offering coupons that those in need could redeem at the salon itself. “What a blessing to see the change in a person being treated like anyone else at the salon,” said Tiffany, noting that even a minor makeover can be crucial for those looking for work or facing court dates.

Every stylist at The Hair Loft is dedicated to giving back in their own unique way. Like Tiffany, Kennedy is committed to raising awareness around homelessness and regularly gives free haircuts at the shelter. Lead stylist Lindsey provides free haircuts for developmentally-disabled adults, giving them an opportunity to enjoy a glamorous day at the salon. Meanwhile, Kelley works with disaster relief programs, spending her own time and money on first responder training. The animal lover in the bunch, Jenny has found homes for 111 dogs (and 1 horse!) in her 20 years of fostering animals with the local humane shelter. For her part, Amanda organizes free haircuts for veterans at the salon, making each guest feel loved and appreciated.

Tiffany’s own sense of charity grew exponentially after she heard about the Justice & Soul Foundation, which focuses on awareness about human sex trafficking. This prompted her to get involved in raising funds and awareness for the issue, eventually spending a month in Cambodia teaching survivors of sexual exploitation at a beauty school. She recently travelled back to Cambodia for the school’s first graduation and was overwhelmed by the transformation of her students from victimhood to empowerment.

Although Tiffany is encouraged by the positive response to the salon’s charitable work, she’s adamant that giving should come with no expectation of recognition. She’s frequently asked how she finds the time to do so much for the community while running a business and raising a family—and responds with a challenge: “We can all give. It doesn’t have to be a big trip or a huge expense—it can be small, simple one-time offerings.” She credits the growth of her business in part to its family atmosphere, but also to community support for the salon’s giving nature.

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