Coloring the World Green

At MINDBODY, we’re committed to being environmentally conscious with our business practices. This commitment includes a partnership with the Green World Campaign, one of MINDBODY’s two charity partners.

Marc Barasch, founder of the Green World Campaign, created the organization to advocate for “green compassion”—or, the idea that we need to not only love nature, but cherish each other in order to heal our planet.

According to Barasch, author of The Compassionate Life, the premise of the Green World Campaign is to care for people and the planet as a single system. In essence, the Green World campaign is not just a campaign to sustain our planet, but to give tools to struggling communities across the globe to restore the ecology and economy of their own degraded land.

“Rather than dispense aid from a Land Rover, we wanted to help people rediscover their own resources,” Barasch said.

Since its founding, the Green World Campaign has worked with farmers to restore Ethiopia’s Menegasha Forest and Mexico’s San Juan Atzingo Forest, as well as with villagers in India, the Philippines, Uganda and Kenya.

At its core, the Green World Campaign has one audacious goal—to help catalyze a movement to regenerate hundreds of millions of acres of degraded land around the world. Their bold slogan and goal is to “ReGreen the world in one generation.”

Barasch describes the Green Campaign as a “kind of global class project where everyone gets a crayon to color those barren brown spots on the map green again.”

For MINDBODY clients, your opportunity help fill the brown spots in the map comes from allowing your customers to donate to charity when they book and pay using your MINDBODY software.

For more information about how to turn on the charitable giving feature.

For more information about the Green World campaign, click here.

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