The Fitness Enthusiast’s Guide to Beer and Fitness Pairing in the Greater Denver Area

women enjoying a beer in denver

The Great American Beer Festival graced Denver with its presence September 20-22. In the spirit of celebrating Denver’s affiliation for this delicious beverage and the greater Denver area’s love for all things active, why not create a list of the perfect beers to pair with your favorite workout? Plus, after an intense sweat sesh, everyone deserves a little treat, right? Right.

Before we get to our list of tasty brews to enjoy with your workout squad, let’s sprinkle in a little science first. Contrary to popular belief, consuming a couple of brewskis after downward-dogging or lifting some weights can actually be beneficial for your health and your recovery. In fact, some researchers report the popular beverage not only reduces inflammation, but can provide a boost to your immune system.

Yes, we know that beer can’t technically rehydrate you after a workout - but dehydration is only one of the many after-effects of getting your pump on. Your body gets depleted of electrolytes and nutrients… all of which beer can help replenish. We think those findings are definitely something we can raise a glass and cheers to.

All right, now let’s get to the fun part. Here are our picks from some Colorado breweries that are attending the festival this year:

Namaste with an IPA

“Beer Yoga” is one of the hottest trends in the yoga world, and boy are we “hoppy” about that! Denver-area yogis can even take advantage of this fitness craze by getting their vinyasa on with Hoppy Yogis sponsored by Corepower Yoga.

Suggestion: Maharaja Double IPA by Avery Brewing.

Get the SPINs with an ale

Any outdoor cyclist will tell you that the best part of their adventure is enjoying a cold one after a gnarly ride… and the same can be said after an indoor spin class as well! Local Denver cycling hotspot, Epic Ryde, has been known for hosting a Bike and Beer class every now and then… make sure to check it out the next time it happens!

Suggestion: Fat Tire by New Belgium.

Hops are officially a HIIT

If you’re looking to “HIIT” up the best boozy workout in the Denver area, you may want to check out this 36-minute workout that is sweeping the city. Fit36 runs a summer series that combines hoppy beers with their signature workout. In the off-season, this short workout can be done just in time to hit up your favorite happy hour spot!

Suggestion: Hop Abomination by Dry Dock Brewing.

Ask the barre-tender for a lager

Looking to trade in your local bar for a new “barre” to enjoy a cold beer? Okay, that pun may have been a bit of stretch (I’ll stop now) - but you may want to lean on Pure Barre’s Beer series the next time you’re looking for a new workout experience. Be sure to checkout their schedule to see when the next combo class is.

Suggestion: Colorado Lager by Odell Brewing.

Ready to kick-bocks?

Looking to get your kicks and punch up your post-workout regimen all at the same time? Maybe sipping on a robust bock beer after an epic sweat fest is right up your alley.

Suggestion: Pandora’s Bock by Breckenridge Brewery.