Slicing Watermelons to Celebrate Summer

Red Lotus Martial Arts Center in Jefferson, Maryland, celebrates summer each August by hosting a watermelon-slicing festival. Because Red Lotus teaches Bukido, a sword-using martial art, owner Johnpaul Vincent uses the event to generate buzz about his business, as well as allow his students to try their skills.

When Johnpaul started Red Lotus, he knew he wanted to offer the experience of slicing fruit to his students.  “It’s kind of neat to bring out the real thing every once in a while,” Johnpaul said. “Slicing watermelons is one of the ways we test blades.”

The success of the watermelon-slicing festival has evolved into including a pumpkin slicing event in the fall.

“One of our local farms donates pumpkins and we invite the public to come try it out. It’s a fantastic way for people to see that this kind of interest is still out there,” Johnpaul said.

By hosting the events, Red Lotus has gained more exposure in the community, and a few new students in the process. To learn how MINDBODY can help your business grow and host events, take a tour with one of our representatives—no watermelons required.