More Parks, Less Parking

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the parking lot you used everyday suddenly became a park with soft grass? Well, this morning MINDBODY partnered with San Luis Obispo Regional Rideshare and found out would happen.

With help from some amazing sponsors, sod was laid down in several parking spots, including the one devoted to our CEO. Throughout the day, members of the MINDBODY team were invited to participate in various “lawn activities” including yoga, a dance fitness class, cornhole, and a lunchtime concert.

Why did MINDBODY create a park in our parking lot? Beyond our dedication to making the world a better place, we also wanted to support our employees who are working to make their commute more eco-friendly. Currently, 83 MINDBODY employees have carpool passes and 146 employees are enrolled in Rideshare’s Back ‘n Forth club.

MINDBODY strives to be a green company and we built our software to help your business to be greener, too. To learn how MINDBODY business management software can help your business be green while saving money, take a tour with us here.