Half Year’s Resolutions: Make Them Tiny, Win Big

Did you stick with your New Year’s Resolution? Whether you were successful or not, now that the year is half over, it’s time to consider setting a Half Year’s Resolution.

What’s a Half Year’s Resolution?

Think of it as a time to correct your course. Changing your habits is a marathon effort; if we come out of the gate too fast, we wear ourselves out too soon. And a lot of people come out of the gate pretty fast on January 1. Half Year’s Resolutions are a bite-sized take on the original, just small enough to accomplish daily without overthinking it.

Choose your resolution.

When you choose your resolution, be sure that it’s a SMART goal, or one that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. That way, instead of making one lofty goal, you’ll break your resolution down into smaller habits that you can achieve on a regular basis. For example, instead of declaring “I’m going to drink more water from now on,” your Half Year's Resolution would be to start by drinking just one glass a day.

Stick with it.

Once you’ve selected your resolution, make sure to identify a way to hold yourself accountable for it. According to behavioral researcher Dr. BJ Fogg, the most successful way to do this is to combine a new habit with an old one, creating a daily trigger to help you follow through on your goal. Going back to our water example, drinking that one glass right after your morning coffee would make it even easier to remember since you already have that daily java habit.

Build on it.

As you start achieving success by creating new, small habits, you’ve created what Dr. Fogg calls “success momentum.” This feeling fueled by pride and enjoyment helps you keep going, even when life gets crazy. Build on your success and set new benchmarks to keep your progress going. One glass of water could lead to more, leaving you hydrated, happy and on your way to creating more good habits.

Ready to get started?

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Ready to get started?

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