Going Pink in the Heart of Texas

According to the National Cancer Institute, 14% of all new cancer cases in the U.S. will be breast cancer diagnoses. That’s 232,340 people who will be diagnosed, and people like Elizabeth Lindberg want to decrease that number.

Elizabeth views breast cancer as something that impacts everyone, regardless of gender. “Everyone has a mother and every woman has a risk. I don’t know anyone that is not impacted by breast cancer.”

Elizabeth was impacted when she was younger when her aunt had breast cancer, and later as an adult when one of her closest friends was diagnosed. Between her experiences with her loved ones having cancer and her business, Studio 6 in Dallas, Texas, Elizabeth knew that she had an opportunity to create more breast cancer awareness within the community she interacted with on a daily basis.

When October rolled around, Studio 6’s website and logo got a makeover. It’s usual green hue was replaced by a shade of pink and the revolving banner on Studio6’s MINDBODY scheduling software shared the fact that “Diet and exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 25%.”

Beyond awareness, Elizabeth and Studio6 worked to raise money for breast cancer research. The studio discounted all pink merchandise in the studio 10% for the month, matching every $1 discount with a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Center.

When you ask Elizabeth why she did it, her answer is simple:

“Warriors and survivors of breast cancer are inspirational. No one wants this disease, no one is fully prepared—but when it happens, you and everyone around you gets stronger. Sharing fitness is contagious and provides strong support for everyone—no matter what they are going through.”

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