Get Off the Grid (And Into Going Green)

Off The Grid Fitness

Fitness is all about keeping your body healthy and happy. Eric Guilleminault takes it one step further. In addition to helping people look and feel their best, he took on an even bigger client—our planet. In 2012 Eric founded Off the Grid Fitness, Arizona’s first “green gym” that believes in creating positive energy through fitness…literally.

Imagine pedaling away on a Spin® bike and knowing that you’re creating power for your gym. At Off the Grid Fitness, that’s exactly what happens. The cardio equipment turns the user’s workout output into electrical energy, also known as “sweat equity”, that helps power the facility.

But these cardio contributors aren’t the only way Off the Grid Fitness is helping keep the Earth healthy.

Instead of wood flooring in the group exercise room, gym-goers find themselves working up a sweat on bamboo floors—a rainforest-approved alternative that is easier to replenish and more plentiful in supply. In an initiative to save trees and money, they’ve also implemented Dyson Airblades instead of paper to dry their hands.

Another thing you won’t find there? Harmful hydration in the form of plastic water bottles. Instead, Off the Grid sells stainless steel bottles and has a water fountain for customers to refill and reuse.

When it comes to the environment, it’s the little things that start to add up as waste that we don’t even realize. From motion sensor lights in the locker rooms to large fans aimed at reducing the use of air conditioning, Eric is “always looking to see how as a business I can make an even more positive impact.”

Great news—like Eric, you can positively impact the Earth’s health (in addition to your own).

Being more eco-conscious with your workout habits doesn’t have to come in the form of a drastic change. Eric’s advice to contributing to a healthier environment? Reduce the use of plastic bottles, turn your cardio machine off when you’re finished with it and—biggest of all—watch your water usage and turn the water off when you’re done showering.

These tips are a small-but-powerful start for how you can reduce your waste and contribute to a healthier planet. Next time you’re working out, think about how you can channel Off the Grid Fitness in your efforts to “Get fit. Go Green. Get Off The Grid.”

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