Forget the Mirror, Take a Selfie

Mirrors are everywhere at the gym. They can remind you of what an all-star you are for working out. They allow you to check your form while you sweat. However, though mirrors are great inspiration for the here and now, they don’t always let you track your progress over time.

The Swealfie

This is where the sweaty selfie comes in, “the swealfie.” Sweaty selfies allow you to continuously motivate yourself, motivate others and track your progress more accurately than a scale ever could.

Sweaty selfies help promote body positivity for yourself and for others. Not only can taking the picture be satisfying and exciting, but you can look back at your collection of sweaty moments when you’re in need of motivation. It’s an opportunity for you to love your body even more, to watch your body change, and to remember the moments along the way. Whether you’re working towards a smaller waist, crossing the finish line, increasing reps, nailing a yoga pose, improving your form or boosting your batting average, the sweaty selfie is here to help you track your progress in a fun and easy way.

There aren’t too many rules about sweaty selfies, but here are some Dos and Don’ts to ensure you maximize your selfies:


  1. Hog equipment or block a path or trail for the sake of your selfie.
  2. Snap a photo in the locker room and catch someone fresh out of the shower in the background.
  3. Carry a selfie stick around during your workout. It’s distracting and dangerous!


  1. Be consistent when you take your sweaty selfies--we recommend one a week.
  2. Persevere through public photobombs; they’re bound to happen at some point.
  3. Be patient with progress. Good things take time!
  4. Show your face in the shot! Fierce, happy or exhausted, you’ll be able to remember it better this way.
  5. Support others who also partake in sweaty selfies.
  6. Be proud.
  7. Take them everywhere you workout. Who says your sweaty selfie needs to be limited to the gym? They can—and should—happen after any type of sweat-inducing activity.

Whether you post them on social media, share with friends, show your dog or just keep them for your own eyes, sweaty selfies are something to get excited about!

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