3 Ways Fitness Changed in 2016

How did your fitness routine change in 2016?  As the year draws to a close, it’s important to not only reflect on the goals you’ve met this year, but also to consider the ways you’ve grown and changed since January. We invited three fitness businesses who experienced big changes in 2016 to reflect on how the fitness world evolved this year.

What changed in 2016

  • Boutique Fitness Boomed

    According to Anne Mahlum, founder of [solidcore], more and more locations of boutique fitness studios have opened in her neighborhood. “I think it’s pretty clear that the days of big-box gyms where you meander around and end up getting on whatever machine is open are over,” Anne commented.

  • Workouts Got Shorter

    Kristin Weitzel, owner of VLD Fitness, saw workouts becoming more efficient, and taking less time. “There is a strong trend around learning to workout more efficiently, smarter, and with clearer focus on achieving success in less time,” Kristin shared.

  • Expansion Beyond Traditional Gym Equipment

    Josh York, Founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, said that 2016 brought a rise in the number of people wanting to expand their fitness regimen beyond a traditional gym. “Clients expect a higher level of versatility in training,” Josh explained. Josh shared that GYMGUYZ clients are  more frequently requesting workouts that include elements such as dumbbells, body bars, medicine balls, kettlebells and battle ropes, to name a few.

  • More People Got Active

    Josh added that the demographics of the clients he’s working with have changed this year. From medical-based fitness to more active seniors, GYMGUYZ saw a surge in the number of types of people requesting home-based training. “We see professionals in the medical community recommending home-based training to clients with special needs both physically and emotionally,” he remarked.

What to expect in 2017

  • Technology Will Continue to Change Fitness

    Kristin believes that wearables will continue to adapt and add more features. “Products are exploding on the scene that range from distance trackers to tech toys that simultaneously coach optimal sprinting patterns, track your macros, play your favorite podcast, and let you send an email to close a big deal—all while on your daily run!”

    Josh anticipates 2017 will bring increased requests for online training services like livestreamed personal and group training, and that wearable technology like Fitbit will continue growing to help people go beyond exercise and think about nutrition, sleep and stress management.

  • Resistance Training Will Reign Supreme

    Anne expects there will be a decline in people focusing on cardio-based exercise, and a rise the number of people doing resistance training. “Resistance training gets your heart rate up, and the best part is you continue burning calories for more than 24 hours after the workout—all while building muscle to look amazing,” Anne explained.

  • More Men Will Take Boutique Fitness Classes
  • Anne predicts that more men will start joining fitness classes. “Women dominate this space right now, but men are beginning to overcome their image-related fears as boutique fitness class goers. When we get males in the studio, they love it and add so much to our community with their energy.”

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