10 Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

Want to celebrate Mother’s Day with more than just a card? This year, show your mom how much she is appreciated by treating her to something more memorable. We’ve gathered ten of our best ways to spend quality time with your mom on her special day.

  1. Take her to the spa
  2. Treat your mom to the relaxing day she deserves with a trip to the spa. If she’d rather relax at home, put together a gift basket of bath salts, candles and a stress-relieving book to read while she soaks in the tub.

  3. Explore the outdoors
  4. There’s no better way to spend Mother’s Day than with Mother Nature herself. Take your mom on a hike she hasn’t been on before or to her favorite spot to sightsee—you could also bring a picnic basket and enjoy lunch with a view.

  5. Pamper her
  6. Spoil your mom this year by taking her out to get a manicure or her hair styled at her favorite salon.

  7. Take an exercise class
  8. Nothing beats breaking a sweat and having fun while doing it. Spend quality time with your mom getting active in a dance, yoga or fitness class at the studio.

  9. Plant some flowers
  10. Get some seeds for your mom’s favorite flowers and plant them together in her yard. It’s the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on growing.

  11. Cook together
  12. Moms can get tired of cooking alone. Be her cooking partner this year and make a special homemade meal with her—or surprise her by bringing one to her house. If she’s into sweets, pick out a healthy treat recipe for some guilt-free indulgence.

  13. Create a book of memories
  14. Moms love to reminisce on good times with the family. Take a walk down memory lane and build a scrapbook for your mom with old photos and personalized messages.

  15. Wine and canvas
  16. Looking to get creative? Spend this Mother’s Day canvas painting with your mom at a local art studio. If there aren’t any in town, set up your own studio at home—all you’ll need is a bottle of wine, some oil paints, canvases and a little bit of inspiration.

  17. Tidy up
  18. Moms are always picking up after everyone else. Help your mom out this year by cleaning the house for her.

  19. Long-distance date
  20. Can’t be with your mom on Mother’s Day? Set aside a time to FaceTime or Skype. Sometimes all a mom needs is to hear your voice and see your smile.

This year, get creative and make your mom feel extra special on Mother’s day—she deserves it!

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